If you are feeling nostalgic or have enjoyed this website since it was started in May 2008 or just had a great time in high school and are interested in helping financially in the continuation of the Class of 1978 website you are asked to  consider a small contribution of $25.00



Those who have contributed are gratefully acknowledged below

Mary Ciufo, Patti Conderan (Easson), Scott McNally,
John McKenzie, Dan Mulligan, Gerry Simone, Louie Genova,
Peter Rajic, Pat Kehoe, Nancy Marino
Contribution made in memory of Paula Rockett (Kehoe)
Steve Wickham, Ernie Longo, Pete McGrann,
Cathy Benac (Bohdanowicz), Joe Adamick, Denis Gubert,
Janice Ward (Mullin), Bob Mulligan, Judy Galbraith,
Frank Baldanza, Camillo Natale, John Levstek



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